House for Rent

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House for Rent

Post by poetofislam on Wed Oct 15, 2008 9:41 am

It was Sunday while relaxing on my bed
I heard a sudden beep of my phones bell!

I was annoyed and alarmed as well!
I decided to let the call to hell.

Oh itís my friend calling
I greeted him smiling!

He spoke in a slow tone
Hello my friend come soon!

I was alarmed what had happened
Perhaps someone died or he was suspend

My dear friend I had to change my home
If I persist I would be thrown

A notice from the owner has arrived
He is standing now out side

He had called me so many time
Whenever going to front line

I promised him for my help
A hard task! Speaking to myself

I dressed up and went out
I am here my friend! Letís work out

Everything was scattered around
As if it were a play ground

There was dust over his face
My friend was feeling disgrace

We started moving here and there
Shifting his belonging with care

His wife was also doing the same
She was hiding her face with shame

Her hands were black as coal
With dust and dirty oil
We loaded the carriage at last
And jumped up very fast

The carriage presented a sad look
We were trying to hide our outlook

People were moving, paying no heed
I think they had seen such a many scene

Tear in his eyes, my friend thanked me
It was midnight when I was free

With crushed heart and heavy steps
I returned home confused and depressed

O lord! provide us our needs
Donít waist us we are weak

Give your people a shelter, a living place
Where they can live in respect and grace

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