Rules & Regulations ...... (Read Must)

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Rules & Regulations ...... (Read Must)

Post by aloNe iN DaRk on Thu Sep 04, 2008 3:36 am

Asalam o Alikum Dear Friends,

Welcome to Urdu Poetry/Shayari Forum. Have fun here and help us in pervasiving love and friendship by making good posts. Following are the rules which you need to follow during your stay at Urdu Poetry/Shayari Forum.

01• Give respect to other members.

02• Don't show rude behavior or don’t do row with other members for no reason. Arrogant attitude will not be tolerated.

03• If you are having problem with any individual member or any other matter please contact administration. Don't take the matter in your own hands.

04• You are not allowed to poke your nose in others peoples affairs.

05• No grouping is allowed and you are asked to welcome every single member of this community with your heart and soul.

06• The posts should be made in the appropriate sections otherwise it will be moved.

07• Any thread started by a member related to sect will be deleted without reprimanding. No stuff related to sects is allowed on this site.

08• If you find any thread which is not acceptable in a family forum or if you think that this thread should have not been started, kindly inform to administration at once.

09• Posting sexual or any such cheap stuff is not allowed here. If we'll find any member guilty in this regard he/she will be banned without reprimanding or admonishing.

10• No raciest remarks.

11• You are not allowed to set your personal pictures in your avatar.

12• Your are allowed not share your personal information in the signature section such as Phone number, Email address, Hyperlinks or Home address.

13• Advertisement is not allowed on this site.

If you see any member violating any of the forum rules report Administration at once.OR If you have any more concerns or want to ask about something please feel free to send me or Administration a PM. We'll try our utmost to help you out.

Urdu Poetry/Shayari Forum Administration

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