The Intervening factors

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The Intervening factors

Post by RosalindRamsey on Wed Feb 16, 2011 10:32 am

Consumers do not necessarily adopt only one type of choice rule in making purchase decisions. In some cases they adopt a phased decision strategy that combines two or more decision rules. They might use a noncompository decision rule such as the conjunctive heuristic to reduce the number of brand choices to a more manageable number and then evaluate the remaining brands. Understanding if and how consumers screen brands can be critical.

Even if consumers form brand evaluation, two general factors can intervene between the purchase intention and the purchase decision. The extend to which another persons attitude reduces the preferences for an alternative depend on tow things. First, the intensity of the other personís negative attitude towards the consumers preferred alternative and the second factor is, the consumerís motivation to comply with the other personís wishes. The more intense the other personĎs negativism and the closer the other person is to the consumer, the more the consumer will adjust his or her purchase intentions. On the other hand, itís also true that, a buyerís preference for a brand will increase, if someone he or she respects favors the brand strongly.

In the evolution stage the consumerís form preferences among the brands in the choice set. The consumers may also form an intention to buy the most preferred brand. In executing a purchase intention, the consumers make decisions in relation to the brand, dealer, quantity, timing and the mode of payment. Purchases of everyday products involve fewer decisions and less deliberation. In some cases, consumers may decide not to formally evaluate each and every brand, in other cases, intervening factors may affect the final decision. Some people make decisions on the basis of the models and the advertisements the companies being used to market there products. Itís the responsibility of the agencies to find out good and apt models. Fashion shows looking for models have become a serious concept as itís the main venue for the agencies to capture new faces.

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