Review of Chinese Philosophy Master of young William Shakespeare

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Review of Chinese Philosophy Master of young William Shakespeare

Post by fengwenshusanglin on Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:36 am

[Review of Chinese Philosophy Master of young William Shakespeare]


Made by a Chinese poet fengwenshusanglin in English


[Oriental Philosophy Review Young Master Shakespeare]


Made by a Chinese poet fengwenshusanglin in English


Eastern new birth Philosopher-emperor Kong Xiangxin outlines, comments Shakespearean's early work "
Humanity's self-sovereignty will is the Heaven gives ,
Literature, art, is that writers and artists have weighed myself and the world's post,
makes independent thinking, understanding, explanation and perception, in Affection expression,
Quote from Kong Xiang Xin 's work " Balance Ism Philosophy"
William Shakespeare (AD 1564/4/23--1616/4/23), the European RenaissanceThe greatest genius of the playwright, poet-----
Shakespeare was born in central England that the river Avon Stratford town a wealthy family, Ancestor is the farmer,
Shakespeare's father manage glove , agriculture,Had held the post of local congressman and chief executive that Sitelafu keeps down,
Shakespeare when childhood, some famous theatrical troupes, Every year from London ,Comes to the Sitelafu town Perform,
This makes little Shakespeare, to produce the love of the theater ,Shakespeare had read grammar school ,
Is a Roman poetry and drama, so that Shakespeare had a formal art of enlightenment.

Afterward,,Shakespeare's father went bankrupt, by now, Shakespeare had to drop out of school to earn a living,

When Shakespeare 18 years old, Shakespeare and marries compared to a oneself big 8 year-old woman,
after more than a half year, has given birth to this to husbands' and wives' big

Because of this incident,That Shakespeare blames a wife is dirty on before marriage,
His wife was satirizes actually, ridicule poor Shakespeare, Shakespeare's father, bankruptcy,
This makes Shakespeare great perplexed, depression, Only when attentive read home collection of books , forget self agony,
Shakespeare do this, his wife, blame, call names Shakespeare is more fiercer, crueler,


and the decline of the family, Wife never stops the blame , call names to Shakespeare, 家庭的衰落,妻子对莎士比亚永远不停止责备,骂

So that Shakespeare's own sovereignty will, Been a heavy Oppression,


Shakespeare's comedy "Twelfth Night" he wrote: "A woman is always going to marry a larger than her own men,


She and her husband will be able to harmony,Her husband's mind to maintain balance, tranquility,


". As the social position of Shakespeare's family dropped to the lowest point, love has been destroyed,People is ridiculed, satirizing Shakespeare,

Such very bad environment, force Shakespeare to use ego to balance wisdom , the ability, Pairs of Shakespeare's infinite innermost pain,

have accepted people's heavy insulting , non-free life


with enables Shakespeare's self-sovereignty will to obtain joyfully, free, liberates the two,Has made the balance choice

In 1585, Shakespeare made a decision, alone to London to develop their own,
A free, happy life,

After London, by now, Shakespeare by oneself that long, must become in the world unprecedented great, immortal, the lofty cultural hero's most intense hope,
must creates for the humanity never the highest happiness, perpetuates the comfort this most beautiful hope flaming is burning chest's Shakespeare,
to realize oneself that to create greatly, immortal, surpassed all ancient times play's longest illusion, was being full of the great fervor, the life vigor youth, the beautiful gentry dream,
Despite such fanciful Shakespeare, ambitious Superman's dream, but Shakespeare or a mortal, this lives in sun's Shrine enjoys immortal's good wine phoenix,

but must lay down own wing, back to earth from the sky, onto for an unknown ordinary people,worry for their own clothing, food, housing, the transportation ,


create for the own future great play, and accumulated experience of life and drama, strength, practice itself bravely in the daily life to people's universal love, make their sentiments perfectly ,


But one who, despite being the world's most outstanding moral, ethical ,that but must this person be able to grasp firmly, controls own destiny, By their King,


But one should grasp firmly master their own destiny,own are own king,


must uphold, full utilization, displays own self-sovereignty will,


Only in this way, this person will not make non-justice forces of slaves,


If a person not self-sovereignty will, that person must want to practice own outstanding moral, ethical , is extremely difficult,


It's like a man in the big desert without water,this person must breed fish , is extremely difficult to achieve,


We know Shakespeare's own sovereign will, in the home by the heavy repression, while Shakespeare to London, is must liberate the self-sovereignty willpower ,


We learned from Shakespeare's sonnets, in the era of Shakespeare's life, one who wants to realize itself to create the highest happy hope for the humanity, ,is subject to all sorts of great blocking,


Because Shakespeare's sonnets reflect justice, goodness, beauty, truth is not dominant, and is is non-just, evil, ugly, lies pushes aside,oppression, in the period of Shakespeare's life,


But produces by Shakespeare's self-sovereignty will illusion----Must create the highest happy Shakespeare illusion for the humanity, is unable in the real life to realize, but can only in the literature, in play's creation,realization of human self-sovereignty will

Must be implement for mankind to create the highest happiness of Shakespeare dream, to prove that Shakespeare thinks oneself has the extraordinary wisdom, talent ,life value


So, Shakespeare with all one's strength invested into to the literature study, to people's life observation, to the world in the understandin ,on oneself literary creation road of explorationm,meditation,


From the age of Shakespeare in their own life is not fame that point of view, We believe that Shakespeare was no time to join efforts to deal with dignitaries,


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