Review of Chinese Philosophy Master of young William Shakespeare2

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Review of Chinese Philosophy Master of young William Shakespeare2

Post by fengwenshusanglin on Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:37 am

[Review of Chinese Philosophy Master of young William Shakespeare]


Made by a Chinese poet fengwenshusanglin in English


Also, in order to Shakespeare noble, beautiful soul personality point of view, Shakespeare did not want to lower their great personality and spirit, to flatter, climbing knot power and privilege


We believe that at the time, Shakespeare had insight into all of human civilization and progress, was human's self-sovereignty will this world greatest dignity God creates


therefore Shakespeare with own complete strength, the observation, the exploration, ponders and expresses person's self-sovereignty will,In their own works


In London, the Shakespeare Theater in London and do Handyman at first ,and later employed on the actor,Idle-time study desperately ,creative, has finally become a theater writer and actor, and became the theater of shareholders.


We to Shakespeare's works, carefully exploring, the result which pondered, had discovered Shakespeare's work, be called a song, to express the human self-sovereignty will characteristic encyclopedia,

Shakespeare created an early (1590 - 1600), mainly in poetry , historical dramas and comedy. There are historical drama "Henry IV," "Henry V", "Henry VI" and "Richard III" and nine plays.
Young Shakespeare most powerful, irresistible self-sovereignty will, must seize the social power, fame, creates the great happy enterprising spirit for the humanity,

in the historical drama king, on the heroic body can concentrate the development. play opposes to split Britain, The military division of Homeland, supports the centralization the thought ,Also complied with Queen Elizabeth to unify Britain's political ambition,


and has demonstrated humanity's self-sovereignty will, to the highest pursuit of social power,but also for the pursue world progressive young people, set up the human self-sovereignty will highest idol standard, life style, .


History is the Violence hierarch s’mistress, humanity avoids the violence hierarch,Also wit to combat, suppress the mistress’s husband,

Shakespeare's first choice for himself, from the historical drama into the art - cultural circle,

In this way, Shakespeare not only wit combat, suppression of this mistress ’s husband,Also has shunted the violence hierarch to Shakespeare's persecution,

has not let the violence hierarch the lackey, found attacks Shakespeare's excuse,
At that time, Really “in ruling clique's cultural elite 's leader” Robert · Grimm ,Is unable to catch itself to attack the Shakespeare play's reason ,

Robert Green had to twist his face angrily and cursing the Shakespeare was“obtains the great wealth crow suddenly ......Tiger and wolf hidden in his heart......he was a true handyman, but shamelessly,”
1By this view it, when Robert · Grimm individual social position, receives Shakespeare's historical drama shaking, the "elite accomplishment," “the gentry demeanor” this Props,


May discard completely , so hysteria, naked, vent oneself innermost to Shakespeare's disaffection.


By the historical drama demonstrated successfully humanity's self-sovereignty will, with the political aspiration, resourcefulness combat, ,suppression of this mistress's husband,


demonstration of Shakespeare's self-balance wisdom ability, Surpass contemporary culture of the big lucky elite,

Now, some people still use Shakespeare, not into the Oxford, Cambridge, read the book, there is no distinguished family background that two, to question Shakespeare's achievement.


If they to the world in these most big man's diploma, the family background, Had the understanding , will discover that oneself suspected Shakespeare's ability,oneself are how ridiculous, stupid,As ignorant as a child


Many people of Shakespeare's works, wrote a paper, get high-level titles, becoming a popular cultural elite.

Mr ,Do not you see, China's Qing Dynasty novel "Dream of Red Mansions", author Cao Xueqin, Although Lonely, the down and out of life , but studies this “"Hong Lou Meng" the Red studies”,Has created a lot of cultural elite.


Certainly, the big man himself has becomes big man's many kinds of Reason,That kind “good lie”--Wants to drive the common people,youth's self-sovereignty will s‘Initiativeness ,

But that kind said the big man not own beginning platform----This “good lie”, also undesirable. Is not true of the good, isdeception.
但那种说 伟大人物没有自己的起点平台----这“善意谎言”,也是不可取的。无真之善,就是欺骗,
Comedy ,Is to make the audience smile of bitter Balance choice. The Shakespeare early time creation's comedy has more than ten, mainly has "a Midsummer Night of Dream", "the 12th Night", "the Venetian merchant" and so on
Irony is that the comedy of life,majority comedies satirize that fetter-----Constrain person's self-sovereignty will of formidable social power,so that a strong social power were disgraced,For the oppressed the weak and create a happy illusion,

Stimulate the weak one against the injustice that a strong social power 's life of courage, confidence, and strength,

Let the weak one to establish own belief is bound to win ,To avoid danger, wit to resist attacks, weakening the violence ruler's strength,iIs the self-sovereignty will life ’s instinct.

Fairy tale suitable for children, comedy appropriate for young people, jokes, cartoons, humor and satire inspecially attractive to young people's eye.

Jokes happily the ridicule, is wing plentiful to fetters thing of the self-sovereignty will to tease, to challenge and conquers. Therefore, the young Shakespeare early time creation starts from the comedy, to have its inevitability,

The poetry creation, Can be directly explained, Expresses the self-authority desire function, Self-balance wisdom ability, with self-authority physical ability this “three dimensional body” human self-sovereignty will characteristic ,

Language arts, with a direct interpretation of poetry to Expresses the human self-sovereignty will characteristic, can achieve the highest effect most quickly.
Shakespeare early time creation ’ s Crowning Work, is the long poem "Venus and Adonis", "Phoenix and the Turtle Dove" With 154 sonnet in overwhelming majorities.
2009-6-30 Final review to determine the draft in Zhanglu the thatched hut Shoboo

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