Shakespeare exciting fantasy

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Shakespeare exciting fantasy

Post by fengwenshusanglin on Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:39 am

[Shakespeare exciting fantasy ]

[激动人心的莎士比亚梦幻 ]

Made by the Chinese poet


compared to the ancient Greece fairy story, the Homer epic poem, the ancient Greece, the Roman philosophy more moving only belonged to Shakespeare's wealthPoetic sentiment serious happy dream, only then in that day's kind star, knows with the good intentions smile's Celestial flows by in Shakespeare's blood tube,

Non-stop singing the same spring, the dance only sweetheart, the intimate friend, companion's Shakespeare Fantasy ,Was doomed to look like the eagle to be the same, will hoverPride above future all times Shakespeare illusion,
must enable Shakespeare to become preserves forever the wonderful youth the literature great Apollo's Shakespeare reverie
that must make itself to become on the earth the Eternity psychic sun,always warm, comforting the people, people the courage to provide live, strength ,life fragrant, the taste,
Belongs to the heathenism atmosphere Pure Brightness, tranquil Shakespeare illusion,
With the Christian choir was beautiful, soulful angelic singing complementary purification of the soul of Shakespeare's Dream

must seize Zeus's thunder and lightning to take own literary language the Shakespeare illusion,
believes person to be able to overcome all difficulties, wins inevitably, creates all illusions the unprecedented miracle's Shakespeare illusion,

From Fates hand which harbors evil intentions, has seized the spinner
comes by the human for own textile immortal lifeline Shakespeare illusion,

With the flame, Ivy , and the truth, for casting a magic mirror, the humanity from this mirror, is seen to own real appearance Shakespeare illusionAnd to achieve by the small family of Shakespeare has become a powerful dream,








从不怀好意的The Fates手中夺过纺织机,由人来自己为自己纺织不朽的生命线的莎士比亚梦幻,


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